FX Speaking Engagements

Looking to have a highly experienced FX professional speak at your next event? GPFX's team is comprised of the top consultants in the FX industry with the ability to uncover which strategies are most effective for managing the foreign exchange aspect of your business. Whether you are hosting a corporate event or an upcoming “meet and greet” with top clients, GPFX is standing by to deliver our expertise on any topic of your choosing to best create a positive impact for your audience.

Our goal is to present foreign exchange in a way that relates to how your organization and clients operate internationally. If you are an upstream financial institution or MSB, GPFX can be utilized as a partner for reaching your clients to identify areas where the strategic relationship can be optimized to generate additional revenue for both parties. Furthermore, GPFX works with corporations to educate finance and treasury teams on best practices for how to successfully navigate the FX market and the importance of implementing a firmwide FX risk management program. Lastly, as a technology provider or financial services firm, GPFX can speak at your events to strategically tie in how your product or service correlates to the audience and their foreign exchange business related activities.

Below are some of the areas where GPFX can add value:

  • Fundamentals of FX Risk Management
  • Global Payments
  • Adapting to Evolving Regulatory Landscape
  • Identifying New Opportunities for Growth
  • Building an FX Business from the Ground Up

GPFX’s wealth of knowledge stems from decades of hands-on experience working across Corporate, Retail and Institutional FX. This has enabled us to lend our expertise to take part in panel discussions on various FX topics and create tailored presentations to meet your company’s FX needs and objectives.