Country-By-Country Look Into What's Driving E-commerce

Country-By-Country Look Into What's Driving E-commerce

Get a glimpse into what's driving ecommerce in each of the top e-commerce markets. Discover cross-border buyer penetration rates, top product categories purchased, leading countries for buying, and drivers and barriers to such e-commerce in 16 countries.

Covered In the Report:

  • Cross-border ecommerce continues to grow, as more of the world’s population become digital buyers, and retailers become better able to facilitate these transactions. In 2016, Forrester Research forecast that worldwide business-to-consumer (B2C) cross-border e-commerce would reach $424 billion by 2021, making up 15% of all online commerce.

  • About one-quarter (24.2%) of merchants worldwide surveyed in August 2016 said the “biggest game-changer” for cross-border ecommerce this year would be the growth of mcommerce, the same answer given for the past two years. There was also an uptick in concern about data breaches and fraud (20.7%) and interest in alternative payment methods (19.9%).

  • An October 2016 survey of global online shoppers by PayPal found that China was the No. 1 cross-border online shopping destination, cited by 21% of respondents, followed by the US (17%) and the UK (13%). Clothing was by far the most popular category purchased worldwide (46%), followed by consumer electronics (29%).

  • Canada had just 11 retailers in the global top 1,000 in 2015 per Internet Retailer, but all of those merchants shipped internationally. Two other English-speaking countries, the UK (77.8%) and the US (72.2%), ranked second and third. Despite China’s popularity, just over one-quarter (28.1%) of the top retailers in China sold internationally.