Keep more of what you earn



Reduced costs by 50% 

In the first month of using GPFX, Wurtec reduced their global payment costs by 50% and saved approximately $1,500 with another $17,000 in projected savings by year end.

Our model at GPFX is entirely performance based. We only charge when we save.



We reduce global payment costs for manufacturers 


Cut Costs

It is vital to keep costs low when exporting and importing products to remain competitive. Through preferred foreign exchange pricing on over 140 currencies, we provide a robust payment offering to maximize savings on your FX conversions.

FX Made Easy

Interested in having more favorable payment terms with customers and suppliers? Contact us here to see how GPFX can enhance your cash flows by localizing payments.

Better Margins

Higher profit margins means faster growth. GPFX can optimize your global accounts receivables/payables to uncover real savings, today.