GPFX Consultants Launches New Foreign Exchange Offerings

GPFX Consultants is pleased to announce that we have launched two new offerings, adding to our suite of consulting and advisory services, that we are referring to as FX Enhancement and FX Management.

FX Enhancement empowers financial institutions to organically grow their foreign exchange business while maximizing revenues in the process. We assist correspondent banks across the country to foster an interactive state-of-the-art approach for how to thrive in today's foreign exchange market.

Our FX Management service assists corporations by partnering with their finance and treasury teams to evaluate their current FX risk management and hedging programs. Through our proprietary assessment methodology, our team of experts can offer a framework for how to best mitigate risks associated with foreign exchange operations and investments.

Through our fully customizable FX Enhancement and FX Management offerings, GPFX can help your team navigate the unfamiliar and make positive, impactful decisions for the greater benefit of your business.

GPFX has established deep partnerships with some of the most highly recognized providers of technology solutions and FX liquidity in the market which has enabled us to strengthen our reach and provide more innovative solutions for our clients.

GPFX brings decades of experience in Corporate, Retail, and Institutional FX. We offer a purely unbiased and non-execution service that enables us to deliver objective guidance in our evaluation. Whether you are a financial institution, MSB, corporation, brokerage, or hedge fund, we want to partner with your team to implement an innovative approach on how to evolve with current market demands in the foreign exchange space.

Below is a brief description of our current services that make up our FX Enhancement and FX Management offerings. If you would like more information or wish to receive a full no-cost and no-obligation assessment of your current foreign exchange business, please contact us at your convenience.


How GPFX can help:

  • Identifying New FX Opportunities: Building and maintaining strong and everlasting client relationships is at the core of GPFX’s business. We want to work collaboratively with you to identify new FX opportunities across your current client base. It is likely that your clients are only executing a portion of their total international transactions with your financial institution. By having GPFX accompany your relationship managers to visit clientele, we can assist in unveiling hidden FX opportunities that may not have been apparent. We are empowering our clients and their customers to turn their foreign exchange into a source of revenue.
  • Currency Conversion: How is your team currently sending funds to vendors or corporates in foreign countries? Most would say USD no matter the case. This could be a crucial mistake that can easily be rectified in order to help reduce costs and increase revenues. Many foreign suppliers pad their prices for US buyers by up to 10% or more to give themselves protection against market volatility. GPFX offers a complete end-to-end evaluation of your current payments structure laying a foundation to implement changes that will be mutually beneficial for both you and your clients.  

  • Liquidity Provider: GPFX will work alongside your team to evaluate all aspects of your FX business, with a focus on current and potential new sources of FX liquidity. Our unbiased and non-execution service enables us to deliver objective guidance in our evaluation. We are happy to communicate with your current FX provider in order to inject better price transparency that may lead to more competitive rates. GPFX also has strong partnerships with upstream banks whom we can introduce to you and your clients to obtain tighter and more competitive spreads.  

  • Executive Search: Foreign exchange is an exceptionally specialized field with diverse operational needs. By bringing on experienced FX professionals with a proven track record of success, your institution can switch the tone of your FX services from simply being a courtesy to clients to becoming a growing revenue stream. GPFX specializes in sourcing, evaluating, and delivering highly-qualified candidates with expertise in foreign exchange.

  • Risk Management: With every passing year the global economy continues to experience more and more enterprise globalization. Due to heavy market volatility, it is crucial to make sure your team is executing a well constructed risk management strategy. Understanding how to mitigate risk and successfully hedge in the FX market has a great impact on your business's bottom line. GPFX can provide valuable, customized solutions to your business by helping you properly identify FX exposures and minimize foreign currency risk through the implementation of a sound FX risk management policy and strategy..

  • Remote FX Manager: GPFX offers the flexibility to fully outsource your FX management and operations functions 24 hours/day to a team of highly experienced market professionals. Our customized FX Manager service gives you peace of mind that your FX business is being managed effectively and efficiently top to bottom. Whether you would like us to assist with trade execution function, offer on-demand trading platform support or provide you and your clients with market commentary and analysis, we can tailor a solution that best fits your needs.

  • Implementing FX Technologies: STP solutions are at the forefront of today’s operational landscape. GPFX has partnerships with some of the leading technology providers in the financial services industry.  We can help you implement on-demand FX exposure management software solutions and technology platforms to execute and process your FX transactions. If you are a financial institution looking to become an upstream liquidity provider, GPFX is up to date with the latest cutting edge liquidity platforms. We can work with your team every step of the way in making the transition a seamless one.

  • FX Consulting: GPFX is available to assist you with any of your foreign exchange business needs.  We offer flexible options that are personalized to meet your goals. Whether you require us for a short term onsite engagement or prefer our expertise on call when needed, we can customize the right solution for you.
  • FX Training: GPFX offers a tiered FX curriculum program tailored to your specific needs and goals, that can be utilized by both your team and your clients to gain a better understanding of the dynamics of the FX markets and the risks that may arise when managing your FX businesses.


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